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Manisha Sangwan is a passionate social worker of Charkhi Dadri. She has gained popularity towards social work and youth affairs. Her determination to bring women empowerment, quality education & employment opportunities to all, lead to the formation Manisha Sangwan Foundation. The foundation has became a milestone over the years and done fantastic jobs. Manisha Sangwan Foundation organizes free medical camps through which hundreds of people benefits, not only free medical checkups but also provides free medicine to them, it has became a very successful mission in charkhi dadri. Health and Sanitation is also a major area of service for Manisha Sangwan Foundation. The foundation sponsors many children and gives them free education. Shoe distribution by manisha sangwan foundation has gained much popularity. Manisha sangwan foundation opened libraries in villages which is a revolutionary step towards education. The foundation has done great job in past few years and this is all became possible by manisha sangwan’s vision.

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